MH+ faceoil 2+2+2 The natural booster face oil 10 ml

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The booster face oils key ingredient; Borage oil has the skin-healing fatty acid GLA* that maintains the skin’s moisture and elasticity.Raspberry seed oil is the supporting ingredience with its Omega 3 cell-renewing effect that will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Avocado oil as the always do-good element that moisturizes, gives elasticity and increases the skin's collagen production. Macadamia oil is very rich in omega 7 and Argan oil will help to protect and strengthen the epidermis.Moisturizing and emollient squlane made from Olive oil. 222 leaves a trace of Lemon from 100% pure cold pressed organically certified essential oil and a scent of green grass from the rapberry seed oil.

The light formula suits all skin types and helps to balance the moisture in the skin and give it radiance and glow.

2-3 drops are massaged into the face and preferably hands until night.

Avoid  massaging the face oil too close to the eyes. Slight aroma of lemon and  cucumber. There may also be a faint scent of grass (which comes from  raspberry seed oil)

Try to avoid the oil ending up in the threads of the glass bottle, as the lid will eventually be difficult to attach! 10 ml

* GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid). This is an essential fatty acid found primarily in seed oils.

Always  keep in mind that if you are sensitive, if you for example have  perioral dermatitis or rocasea, you should avoid lemon essential oils on  the face (even overuse of face oils in general) and use it with  advantage on other skin areas such as your hands, neck and décolleté or  as a massage oil.