MH+Faceoil 2+B The smooth and lovely age well face oil serum with Bakuchiol 10 ml

279 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager på ingående.

Nordic Natural Beauty Award Winner - Best Face oil 2022!
("bio-retinol") is the natural alternative to retinol without the negative effects associated with retinol. It stimulates collagen and  reduces signs of aging such as uneven skin tone, dryness and fine lines. Natural Avocado oil as the always do-good element that moisturizes, gives elasticity and increases the skin's collagen  production and works as a soothing caring base.Moisturizing and emollient squlane made from Olive oil. 2+B has a light scent of Vanilla. The vanilla fragrance oil is completely natural and is a mixture of natural extracts, fragrances and essential oils.

Apply and massage 2-4 drops 2+B when you feel like it!

Remember to try to avoid the oil ending up in the threads of the glass bottle, as the lid will eventually be difficult to attach!

And remember to avoid the oil too close to the eyes. 10 ml