MH+Faceoil 1+5 The all time high super luxury face oil 10 ml

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The all time high luxury face oil 

1+5=6 uniquely selected oils blended into one super oil. The rare Prickly pear seed oil is the base of this exclusive face oil – it contains really high amount of vitamin E compared to other oils.

The glowy Rosehip oil will boost your skin with Vitamin A. Apricot kernel oil relieves irritation and makes wonders for dry, sensitive skin. Evening primrose oil heals damaged skin and is rich in the essential fatty acid Omega 6. Avocado oil moisturizes, gives elasticity and increases the skin's collagen production. Moisturizing and emollient squalane made from Olive oil. 1+5 is also enriched with a subtle fragrance of Bergamot and Lemon.